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Six Month Smiles

Six month smiles

In the past, people with crowded or misaligned teeth often avoided braces due to their reputation. Traditional braces seemed bulky and uncomfortable, but modern orthodontics has begun to show braces in a brand new light. Today’s braces are much more comfortable and discreet, meaning patients can smile confidently throughout their treatment.

One of the most popular modern orthodontic treatments is Six Month Smiles. This system provides high quality, discreet treatment that results in a perfectly straight smile in as little as six months.

Rather than re-aligning the entire bite, which can take up to two years, Six Month Smiles treatment uses clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires to correct orthodontic issues with the teeth most visible when you smile. This way, stunning results are obtained in an incredibly short time-frame.

As well as being fast, the Six Month Smiles system is also comfortable to wear as it doesn’t cause as much friction as traditional braces. A shorter treatment time also means less dental visits, which could lead to cost reductions.

Due to the amazing speed of treatment, Six Month Smiles is the perfect solution for people who want to smile confidently at an upcoming special event, such as a wedding or graduation ceremony.