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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is an advanced form of gum disease that affects the tissues supporting and holding the teeth in place. It is essential that periodontal disease is managed in order to prevent the decaying of the jaw bone and stop spaces from developing between the gums and the teeth, as this can lead to tooth loss.

When you attend Crown Street Dental Group for periodontal therapy, your initial appointment will involve a full mouth assessment. During the assessment we will use modern Florida Probe technology to establish the presence of periodontal disease. This technology also assesses bone and gingival attachment loss, tooth loss, plaque levels in your mouth and tooth mobility.

We will also carry out a temporomandibular joint check and oral cancer screening, and we may also take digital radiographs and intra-oral photographs.

We will then devise an individual treatment plan for you, along with a bespoke home maintenance plan.

If there are any areas of concern that fall outside of the hygienist’s scope of practice, you will be referred to one of our dentists. It is strongly recommended that you continue to see a dentist for regular check-ups during periodontal treatment.